Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund has been established to award scholarships to a member, member’s spouses, sons, daughters, any child the member is financially responsible for, and grandchildren of Local Union 669 members in good standing. These scholarships will be available to anyone attending a four (4) year university, a two (2) year community/junior college, graduate school, or nursing school. (Please see Scholarship Contest Rules for complete rules and instructions.)

Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each will be awarded to the winning applicants. Applications will be accepted January 1st through April 1st annually.

Applications are available beginning November 1. Please contact us in writing  or through the "Contact Us" on this website to request an application, stating your name, email address and UA card number, the name and email address of the applicant, and the applicant’s relationship to the member. Upon receipt of the information, the Local will verify union membership and send to the requesting member the Scholarship Fund Application and the contest Rules and Instructions. The completed application and associated materials should be returned to the Washtenaw Community College, where it will be judged by an independent outside group of professional educators.


Local Union 669 members, members’ spouses, members’ dependent children, any child the member is financially responsible for, and the members’ grandchildren may apply for the scholarships. The member, parent or grandparent of the applicant must be a member in good standing of Local Union 669 for at least one (1) year immediately preceding submission of the scholarship application.

The applicant must be a high school graduate or a senior graduating in June from a public, private or parochial school who are planning to attend a four (4) year university or are enrolled in one of the other qualifying schools anywhere in the United States during the academic year and who meet the academic requirements for an entrance into the university or college of their choice; Students selected for scholarships must have achieved not less than a “C+” average in their high school work;


Students at an accredited four (4) year university who have achieved not less than a “2.5” average in their college work or are enrolled in one of the other qualifying schools. Applicants must be considered full time students.

Applications will be accepted from January 1st through April 1st annually.

Apart from verifying the eligibility of the applicant, Local Union 669 will not exercise any choice among the various applicants or indicate in any way that one applicant should be favored over another.

Applicants will be given points based upon the following criteria: academic honors (2); school activities (2); community service (2); application form (2); essay style (4); and essay content (8) – a possible 20 points. Washtenaw Community College will submit to Local Union 669 the list of finalists to be awarded scholarships.

Scholarship winners will be announced in the NewsLetter. Winners will be notified by the Business Agent in the Local Union 669 District where their parent/grandparent resides, and the Business Agent of Local Union 669 will present checks to the winners.

Notification of this opportunity in future years will be included in the Local Union 669 NewsLetter.


The Member can send a letter to the Local Union 669 office or through "Contact Us" on this website to request an application after December 1st each year. At that time, the Union will verify Local Union 669 membership. The following items must be received from January 1st through April 1st annually:

  1. Application – to be completed by the applicant with the membership verification portion to be completed by Local Union 669.

  2. Official school transcript – to be submitted by school official and returned directly to Washtenaw Community College.

  3. Proof of acceptance or registration at a four (4) year university or enrollment in any of the other qualifying schools.

  4. Letters of recommendation – applicant should submit one to three letters of recommendation, giving information about their character and ability, and community service. These may be from teachers, community leaders, family friends, or others who know the applicant. Please submit the letter(s) of recommendation with the application.

  5. 1,000 word essay on a topic to be determined each year by the Local Union 669 Business Manager.